A great advantage of Wordpress plug-ins is that there are many and they can be useful for your website. Wordpress plug-ins are used to add and extend functionality and features to your Wordpress site. They are a piece of software containing features to enhance the performance of your website with the advancement in features, aesthetics, and efficiency for yourself and your viewers.

These modules can make minor to significant contrast to your site, for example, you can change your WordPress site to a web-based business store or a forum. Or as meager as developing your blog, or portfolio. The majority of these plug-ins are free with some premium packages providing propelled features.

Here are some highly recommended plug-ins for your WordPress site:

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is certainly one of the most popular plug-ins that allow you to optimize your content, anchors, graphics, descriptions, and much more. Most of the useful features of Yoast SEO are free for users.

It is very easy to set up and it includes comprehensive instructions in the plug-in itself. It helps to deal with duplicate writings, lets you add SEO titles and depictions to your page, and has built-in content analysis, XML sitemaps, rich snippets, and many more admirable features. All in all Yoast SEO makes on-page search engine use as easy as it could get.

WordFence Security

Overlooking the security of your website is a crucial mistake you can make as a beginner, many malicious bots can attack your work and annihilate it within seconds. Wordfence Security is the most reliable security plug-in, its features Firewall insurance, blocking hackers, detect spam, live traffic monitoring and much more; with this latter feature the user can detect the threat and take instant action.

The most admirable feature is that it can gather the insights of all the traffic trends and gain access to the attempts and hack them. The scan feature in plug-ins scans all your files on the computer for malware and not simply WordPress. The free version of Wordfence Security is enough to handle a small website.

Monster Insights

MonsterInsights is a free statistical tool that permits its user to connect their website with Google Analytics. The plug in gets insights on your public profile and reach, it shows the site’s stats and subtleties on WordPress dashboard.

This plug-in also lets you optimize the website as per your viewers and approach. It is one of the best plug-ins for your WordPress website as it is also commerce-ready i.e. you can trace the prominence, rates, and values of your product easily.


OptiMole is used to compress the size of the images on your website and reduce the loading time of your page, without affecting the quality. With its super easy setup, one can improve their site in a minimal period. It identifies the screen size and alters your image accordingly to get a quicker speed.

Furthermore, it uses a cloud-based framework to accelerate the working of your site and works well with page builders like Elementor.

Updraft Plus

A huge amount of significant data can be lost in case a site gets hacked or stops working due to errors, hence a backup is required. UpdraftPlus coordinates with many cloud storage options to protect the backups, store your backup, and also restore your entire website to its previous state without much hassle, that is, if necessary. The greatest benefit of UpdraftPlus is that its free package provides backup as well as restoration, unlike any other backup plug-in.

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