Social media is used vastly as one of the most common types of digital marketing strategies today. Your business greatly relies on your social media presence. It is what makes or breaks your business, be it one on a vast platform or a small startup from home.

In 2020, due to the Covid19 pandemic, everything has shifted online; it is a frustrating task to make your place in the market. Therefore, it is essential to go above and beyond to grow your social media presence and promote your brand in the best possible way. 

1. Narrow Down Your Target Audience

First thing first, when it comes to growing your social media presence, you must target your potentials. You must create content aimed and directed towards people who would be interested in buying your product and services. How can you find your audience? Simple! Analyze the past stats and target your audience through your networks, followers, customers, and viewers. Remember to be specific with what you offer on your platform, but don’t limit yourself. 

2. Select the Right Platform

To get yourself and your business enough exposure, you must choose the social media platform wisely. Today platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok are a few of the most used social media sites throughout the States and the entire world. By knowing the kind of exposure and audience that your product needs, you can benefit from these platforms and its users. For instance, Instagram is an excellent platform if you have visual products; Facebook is amazing to target millennial and so forth. 

3. Interact and Understand your Audience

Your customers want to be heard; they need to know that you care about their opinions and suggestions. To win over, your audience put out polls, question, or go live on your social media platforms and interact with your audience. Let them know that you are there to hear them out. Try to understand what their wants are and build a healthy and cordial relationship with your consumers.

4. Put High-Quality Content

Do not ever compromise on the quality of your content. On any social media, remember that more is never the answer, quality over quantity is. Content that is useful, relevant, relatable, and unique gets good traffic even if you are not posting every day and every hour. Make it appealing to the viewers’ eyes so that they couldn’t stop themselves from visiting your products.

5. Be Aware of Trends

Social media is all about staying updated on all the latest trends, especially when evolving. To get in the game and mark your place in the market, always know your competitors and how they are going about all these trends. We know that one thing getting popularized today will probably lose its value in a month. But that shouldn’t stop you. 

6. Ad campaigns

Even though social media is already an excellent way to grow your business, getting enough exposure can be difficult. This is where advertisements come in and play their role. These ads can promote your products to the right audience and get you noticed. It can get your message delivered throughout the world with just a campaign. You need to invest a few bucks in your brand.

7. Provide the Best Customer Service

To grow your social media presence and get good feedback, your business should have good customer service. Try to keep this service available to the customers 24/7, provide instant replies, and answer every query your customer might have. Have a clear understanding of your products and always hear your clients out. This is the key to providing excellent customer service to your audience.

8. Use Hashtags

A way to promote your content is to use and incorporate hashtags and tags in your content. When a social media user is browsing through his social accounts, these hashtags increase your chances of getting noticed in the market. You can even make a unique hashtag for your product and ask your customers to promote them on their social media accounts using the hashtag.

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