Today Slack is one of the top companies playing a vital role in providing users with a platform for collaborating and communicating with peers digitally. Many people are satisfied with this work and believe that it delivers what its slogan promises. "Be less busy." It helps increase productivity through real-time communication. It has nearly 10 million users globally, and most of them claim it to be beneficial.

Slack is a chatting application merely designed for teams to collaborate. It offers various features that can keep you and your teammates organize, sync, and stay on track. According to your requirements and circumstances, it can alert you and put your phone on do not disturb to help you focus more and increase your productivity as much as possible.

Here is How You Can Increase Productivity with Slack 

Slack can increase your workplace productivity by getting connected to different applications and providing their services, just through a couple of clicks. Further, we have discussed some features that come with Slack, to enhance user-experience.

Schedule meetings: 

When it comes to setting up an appointment, especially with external partners and their different time zones, things, and tasks can get a lot tedious. Slack Connect channel lets you link and sync data from your guests’ Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. This makes it easier for you to arrange a meeting at a time that suits both of you. This saves a lot of time and makes coordination efficient.

Run a poll for more ideas: 

Running a vote makes it a lot easier for employees to get their peers’ honest opinions. Be it the next to be placed an order or choosing a picture for your next blog, it all can be discussed on this platform. Sharing ideas, scheduling meetings, honest feedback on the work environment, and so much more can be done using Slack.

Screen sharing: 

Slack has an in-built feature that allows you to collaborate with your team members online and present your work remotely. While screen sharing, you get access to drawing tools to make changes and sketch your ideas to someone else’s work or vice versa. This makes the process during group projects, and practical so much convenient.

Reminders and notifications:  

Once you have integrated your Google Calendar with Slack, it has a record of all your upcoming meetings, tasks, presentation, invites, etc. With the Slack application, you can be reminded of all the forthcoming or present scheduled tasks on time. It also allows the users to directly link to Zoom or Google Hangout and start a call with just a click or two.

Create and assign tasks: 

Slack Teams can record and track all the discussed ideas and work data through its application. Once it is integrated with Trello or Asana applications, it can provide access to the entire group working on the same project through different networks. Slack lets the user plan out, create, assign, and assist all the teammates efficiently.

Slack messages to Google Sheets: 

If you integrate your Slack account with Zapier, sending messages over different applications can become more efficient and powerful. Zapier will allow Slack to transfer the message from Slack to a row in Google Sheet.

When you link different helpful work tools to Slack, you are heading towards a more productive and effortless way of dealing with a task. When working on a task, an employee, student, or faculty can now spend more time concentrating on what’s more important. 

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