Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement technique that focuses on low-cost innovative marketing tactics that produce optimum results. The name guerrilla marketing is influenced by guerrilla warfare, which is a form of non-uniform warfare which refers to the small tactical methods used by armed civilians. Many of the techniques include ambush diversion, sabotage or even elements of shock. Like guerrilla warfare, in the marketing industry, guerrilla marketing uses the same kind of techniques.

This new form of advertising is focused on innovative marketing strategies, high vitality and creativity. Guerrilla marketing is about surprising customers, leaving an indelible impression and causing an ample amount of social buzz. In contrast to more traditional forms of advertising and markets, guerrilla marketing is said to make much more valuable impression on consumers. This is because most advertisements by the guerrillas aim to make the customer more intimate and unforgettable experience.

It has financial benefits. The marketers in guerrilla advertising quite appreciate their relatively inexpensive product. The real investment is imaginative, intelligent–it must not be expensive to execute, though. It can be described as frames this style of marketing in the same context as repurposing your existing content, like taking certain segments of a report, and expanding each one into a blog post. It’s a commitment of time, but not money.

Types of Guerilla Marketing

1. Outdoor Guerilla Marketing

Adds to existing urban environments such as placing something on a statue that is detachable or putting temporary pieces of art on streets and sidewalks.

2. Indoor Guerilla Marketing

It is only kept indoor areas such as train stations, restaurants, or college schools, in the same manner as urban guerrilla marketing.

3. Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing

Use an in-progress activity–such as a festival or sports game–to distribute a product or service, typically without the approval of the organizers of the case.

4. Experimental Guerilla Marketing

It consists of all of the above but done in such a way that the public communicates with the brand.

How do Big corporations use Guerilla Marketing?

Greater businesses utilize innovative advertising to enhance their promotions. Some advertisers claim that it isn’t real because large companies employ guerrilla marketing strategies. Greater companies have far larger budgets, and their names are generally well known.

For your small business, guerrilla marketing can be the correct solution. Why is this so? If performed properly, it is often low cost and still reaches a maximum targeted audience. It can be also a good way to make a difference and get a reputation for being unique and fun.

Guerilla Marketing Drawbacks

The real value of ROI can be difficult to measure. When you focus on a live event to get the message out, you are under abstract circumstances such as uncertainty or bad weather conditions. If the advertisement is carried out in the wrong light, the business can be mistaken or trigger reverse reaction.

How can marketing School can help you in this field?

Effective marketing of guerrillas requires critical thinking, vision and longevity. A marketing program will provide you with everything you need for both creative thinking and effective implementation of your strategy. Market research workshops will also show you how to classify markets and find prospects for the market. Consumer marketing courses allow you to create promotions and predictive models to select the best approaches.

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