Programming languages are a set of instructions used to carry out computer tasks and instruct computers how to perform. Computer codes have made life convenient today, they enhance the features of the Internet, which plays a major role in our daily lives.

Since our lives revolve around them one way or another whether it’s household gadgets, vehicles, ATMs, or any other electronic gadget. Coeding is one of the most admired and essential skills for any highly-paid job nowadays.

Therefore, a growing population is now expressing keen interest in understanding and learning codes and programming language hence there is an immense rise in programming courses, even advanced developers are looking for approaches to polish their abilities.

Recent surveys state that JavaScript and HTML were the most commonly used programming languages among software developers. Approximately 68% of them use JavaScript. SQL, Python, and Java; these languages are the top five most used programming languages around the world.

The basic scripting language essentially used on the Internet is JavaScript (JS). It is substantially used to embed codes and enhance the features of HTML by using dynamic features. Since JavaScript applications are compatible with many operating systems therefore a user can gain access to these applications through any browser.

Mobile applications can also be built using JS but a few restrictions come along the way. Learning JS is easily accessible as many forms of tutorials and online forums are now available. Being an object-oriented platform, JS is similar to Java and C-language as well. It is very convenient to write JS codes since the only requirement is a simple text editor, such as Notepad.

Additionally, JS is interpreted as per the scripting language criteria. It is known to be the best tool for reaching optimum results when it comes to developing a Web app. JS lets its users put in exceptional features to the websites. JS is highly compatible with other programming languages permitting the developer to animate, add features, and organize the site.

Why should you prefer to use JavaScript?

If your model or plan involves either one of the following, then you should consider incorporating JavaScript in your model:

  • Dynamic single-page applications (SPAs),
  • Front-end technologies such as VueJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Ember.js, etc.
  • Server-side technologies such as Node.js Express.js etc., or
  • Mobile app development with React Native, PhoneGap, etc.

Many highly regarded companies such as Netflix, Uber, PayPal use JavaScript in order to design web sites that are secured, efficient, and enduring.

Some Addressed Objections to JavaScript

  • JavaScript is slow: False. JavaScript is as fast as other efficient programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++.
  • JavaScript is not statically typed: True. Similar to Python and Ruby, it is dynamically typed i.e. its types can differ at run time.
  • JavaScript is a toy language: True. JavaScript was initially released as a toy language, only used to decorate web pages and solve browser incompatibilities, but it gradually took over the programming world.

JavaScript is commonly used along with HTML, but lately, it is making its way into the web applications on its own. Out of approximately 1.6 billion websites, 95% of them use JavaScript as their core language. Its high speed, proficiency, and frequent updates are making a breakthrough in the IT, data analytics, research, web designing, and engineering sectors.

In 2018, it was brought forward that JavaScript was the most demanded skill by numerous outstanding companies. On that account, having a command over this language will be a genius decision, so why not take advantage of this lockdown and learn something new?

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