The latest MacBook Air is one of the sleekest, compact laptops in the market today with impressive design and build quality. Even when the additional features add extra weight and size, it still falls under the category of laptops that are easy to carry around.

With impressive modifications and advancements, the new MacBook Air’s price starts from $999, which is comparatively less than last year’s model. This latest technology includes a dual-core 10 generation 1.1 Intel core i3 processor with a boost of 3.2GHz, 256GB storage, and 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, assuring you smooth running while maintaining the optimum condition of
your device at all times.

In this article, we have discussed some of features of this advanced model that can help you work efficiently.

M1 Processor: 

The MacBook Air 2020 has an M1 processor with an efficient 8GB CPU that
can efficiently perform and carry out tasks 3 to 5 times faster than any previous MacBook model. This is the first-ever Apple-designed arm-based chip that replaces the last Intel chips. The processor has a storage controller and flash technology that has enhanced the SSD performance of the system.


There aren’t many changes made to the outlook of the MacBook; it is still designed with an aluminum body and has a 13-inch Retina display screen. The laptop even features Apple’s famous Force Touch Trackpad. It is available in three different colors; Space Gray, Silver, and Gold like its predecessors.

Fan-less design: 

Unlike any previous model, this latest technology has no fans, which makes it a silent laptop.

Camera calls and videos:

 The M1 chip has made the footage sharper and well-detailed. It has better shadows and highlights designed for video calls and better noise reduction and dynamic range to provide users with an extraordinary experience.


 The Ram is directly integrated on the M1 chip and maximized to 16GB. This
forms a unified memory unit that makes the processing faster and efficient.

Extended battery life: 

Apple has made big claims for this model’s battery life. With MacBook Air’s healthy, all-day battery life, you do not have to worry about carrying a charger or looking for a charging port every time you work. Once you have charged your laptop, it can go a long way, 12 hours at least.

Magic Keyboard: 

The new MacBook has a more reliable keyboard with a refined scissor mechanism that offers the users a stable key with its 1mm key travel. It is far better than the previous butterfly mechanism keyboard. The new keyboard’s function keys include additional features such as Do Not Disturb, Spotlight Search, and dictation options. The keyboard also has a Touch ID to unlock and make online purchases easy.


 The latest MacBook comes with a built-in memory of 256GB and 512GB, which can be upgraded to 2TB with a variation in their prices. They both offer 8GB of RAM that are easily upgraded to 16GB.


 The latest MacBook comes with an installed MacOS Big Sur, which is said to be compatible with the device’s hardware.


The people with disabilities can make fair use of the accessibility features such as the built-in support for vision, hearing, and mobility that allows you to create and perform outstanding work.

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