The __wakeup() magic method is mainly responsible of customizing the deserialization or unserialization of a class.

We’ve already learnt on how the __sleep() magic method works & how can we serialize and unserialize class in PHP.

The __wakeup() magic method is directly related to __sleep() magic method & its useful in customizing the unserialization of data collection inside of the class.

Simple Example

Let’s look out a simple example on how __wakeup() magic method works, its opposite to __sleep() magic method.

class DevPeel
	public $name = 'devpeel';

	public function __sleep(){
		return ['name'];

	public function __wakeup(){
		var_dump('woken up');

$class = new DevPeel();

$string = serialize($class);

$class = unserialize($string);

If you run this script, you’ll notice that __wakeup() magic method only runs when we unserialize on the serialized string.

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