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wp vs wix
Posted by - Usama muneer

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

When it comes to building a website, the two most used platforms for these tasks ...

what is affiliate marketing
Posted by - Usama muneer

What is Affiliate Marketing

If you just came across the term "Affiliate Marketing" and are curious to know ...

laravel basic auth
Posted by - Usama muneer

Secure Laravel Horizon with HTTP Basic Auth

In this short snippet tutorial, we'll see how to setup a HTTP Basic auth to protect ...

laravel supervisor and horizon
Posted by - Usama muneer

Setup Supervisord to manage Laravel Queue

Let's see how we can easily setup our Laravel application queue management with ...

Posted by - Usama muneer

Installing Supervisor on your Server

In this short tutorial, we'll look into how to install supervisor on our machine ...

wp gutenburg fix
Posted by - Usama muneer

Fixing Major Gutenburg Issue WordPress

After upgrading to WordPress 5.5 & trying out the new Gutenberg functionality, ...

Posted by - Usama muneer

Why is JavaScript the most used Programming Language

Programming languages are a set of instructions used to carry out computer tasks ...

remove blacklist website
Posted by - Usama muneer

Guide to Website Blacklist Removal

Blacklists are web pages or domains that are accounted for spreading corrupt ...

security bugs
Posted by - Usama muneer

C/C++ Errors are Responsible for 70% of Serious Security Bugs – Here’s Why?

Memory management has been a critical and severe problem for a long time. The ...