Back in 2017, docker changed its name from Docker Engine to either Docker Community Edition or Docker Enterprise Edition.

Now let’s go over the differences between docker community edition vs docker enterprise edition. Docker Community or Docker CE is free and open-source & it aimed at developers and ops team respectively who are looking to dockerize their applications. Also note that Docker CE is production ready & it has the same core features as enterprise edition and can be used for any type of application.

On the contrary, Docker EE is for mission critical apps, you can get some of the following additional features with Docker EE.

  • Certified images & plugins
  • Docker Datacenter
  • Vulnerability Scans for your docker images
  • Official same day support


Docker CE has 2 release channels:

  • EDGE – releases every 1 month
  • STABLE – releases every 3 months

On the contrast, Docker EE releases every 3 months.

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