Low productivity means time wastage and extensive loss in revenue. Many businesses have seen a drawback in the past few months due to low productivity. Utilizing work timers can help solve or at least lessen this issue since these timers' purpose is to track and record inefficiency and help teams improvise.

Toggl is a platform that lets its users track how much time they or their team uses on the various media through just a click. Toggl has been observed to be super beneficial for small businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all sorts. Apart from just tracking, this application provides additional features that allow the user to log the working hours and make it easy for you to bill your clients. Furthermore, Toggl generates reports of hours spent on various projects that can be shared, print, and used to organize workspace and groups; these reports can be accessed even offline. 

How to Use Toggl:

1. Featured Reports: 

The easiest way to improve and increase productivity through Toggl is by using its featured reports. Even though Toggl does not include a built-in feature to track productivity, it is still possible to analyze the details by observing your team’s amount of time on any particular task. Along with this, you get access to review metrics that can provide you with numbers and other information. 

2. Time Reminders: 

Toggl offers reminders that distracted team members could benefit a lot from. This feature tracks the exact time a user is sitting idle and then alerts him/her; this tool allows a reminder to be set up manually.  

3. Making Checklists: 

Checklists organizes the tasks at hand and make sure you don’t miss anything under pressure with limited resources. With Toggl’s checklist feature, you get the chance to note down all the steps that there are up to your task and mark them complete once you are done. Moreover, apart from an increase in productivity, this can result in reduced errors.  

4. App Integration:

 Toggl is integrated with 100+ apps. This saves a lot of time because a user does not have to go to the Toggl application to start the timer. Instead, it can be easily operated and turned on and off from the respective application. Some of the applications that are integrated with Toggl are Asana, Todoist, and Trello. 

5. Auto-tracker:

 The auto-tracker feature in Toggl is excellent for those who forget to start their timers every time. This feature will display a notification to turn on the timer every time some project is being worked on, but the timer is not operated. 

6. One-Click Timers:

 This feature syncs all the data entries present on your desktop to another screen of your choice. With just one click, you can track the time of every web app, mobile app, plugin, or any extension.  

The primary motive of any timer is to increase productivity and make work efficient and effective. One must keep in mind that timers are not magic and time is required to make bigger changes. The world as we know it is suffering and changing quickly to work with the pandemic at hand. 

Toggl, apart from tracking time, displays areas where you can work to increase productivity. However, it’s up to you if you want to make those changes to your project and team or not. Mentioned above are some features that Toggl offers to improve your work and help you record better results. 

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