You could say that it is a matter of generation or the arrival of Covid'19 that recently everything has been remote. Usage of digital technology is essential for remote working; Zoom is one of the most popular telecommunication platforms today for that use which serves the purpose right.

Zoom is a software that connects people throughout the world via calls and video conferences. Zoom provides you an online platform to bring your entire office to work and communicate online. This communication tool allows you to set up a meeting, conference room, training session, or any other virtual event completely free and without any hassle. 

What does Zoom offer? 

1. Two-way communication: 

Effective communication and dealings must be two way. In this way, both the parties can resolve their queries quickly and promote better performance. Zoom works beyond just chats; it lets its users have a one-on-one meeting, which has been proven to be extremely productive worldwide.

2. Customization:

 Zoom lets its users configure their account and customize it accordingly. Zoom believes that it should shape itself to accommodate its user and not vice versa. 

3. Call handling: 

To provide a better experience during your working hours, Zoom allows its users to forward all the incoming calls to another phone; this way, if you get a call during a zoom meeting, it won’t disturb your Zoom call; instead, it will be forwarded to your other phone. 

4. Syncing data:

 The Zoom directory syncs the data, including all the calendar events and contacts on both of your phones. This way, you don’t have to worry about having half your information here and half there. 

5. OnZoom monetization: 

OnZoom is a paid Zoom feature that lets the users create, host, and monetize various events through Zoom. Depending on their license, the paid users can sell from 100 to about 1000 tickets of their Zoom event.

6. ZApps: 

Zoom recently introduced ZApps, an in-build app store that can increase productivity and provide a better user experience through engaging content. With the Zoom interface, you won’t need to switch between different apps to provide accessibility and request permissions. 

7. Modes of communication:

 Zoom lets its users transition between different modes of communication without much difficulty. Chats to a phone call and call to a full professional meeting all within a few seconds. 

8. Call recording: 

There is a feature in Zoom that lets the user record the entire call or a portion of the call and save it to the cloud for future use. These recordings can be accessed easily once you are logged into your account.

9. One-click meetings:

 Those users that interact on a usual basis can now connect comfortably. This means that you get to experience an extraordinary conference or meeting experience, along with content sharing and video calls with just a click. 

 10. Mobile transfer: 

For users’ convenience, Zoom has offered a feature that lets you answer the call on your desktop and then shift it to your mobile device if required. You can do this by putting it on hold on one device and attending the call on the other device, you can move your calls. 

During the pandemic, with the rise of work from home when everything is online, Zoom is one tool keeping people connected and not fall behind in their businesses. With time Zoom is just improvising and accommodating everyone at its best. Lately, all classes and meetings are preferred to be attended through Zoom to limit physical contact at the most and keep everyone safe. 

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