Google has been evolving and advancing with the intent to provide its users with extraordinary and remarkable services and experiences. One of the latest innovations that Google has come around with is organizing its feed following users' preferences. The outstanding mentioned feature is added to Google Maps.

The latest update of Google Maps incorporates a newsfeed similar to that of Instagram and Facebook. This newsfeed features relevant posts helping one guide their way through the world. It will show all the famous eateries, tourist attractions, festivals and all the trends from all over. It will keep the user updated on everything that is happening around his locality or internationally.

As per the observation and the update, the displayed information will contain everything from one’s surroundings. This may include some newly opened bakery just around the corner or photos of some delicious foods from a restaurant down the block with their honest customer reviews. 

The update has added a feature to Google Map that notifies users of the latest deals, takeaway options, and much more after following them. The locals themselves put up all the arrayed posts and information to help other locals with their choices and decisions.

Users can access the latest Google Maps feature from its ‘Explore’ tab situated in the application. The applications allow all its users to customize their newsfeed based on their taste and interests. Suppose that you or the person using the app is a vegetarian with a likeness for Italian eateries; you can easily filter these categories from the variety to get yourself a customized feed displaying just the food that would interest you.   

The new update has a community feed feature that can help guide the users to organize and plan their next trip more efficiently and quickly. Because of this feature, a user can pick any place on the map from all around the world and get detailed information and reviews of that place with just a few clicks. There is no chance that with those reviews and insights, you won’t have a unique and memorable trip planned for the next time you are hitting the road.

Before the announcement and the particular update, all the businesses and restaurants could post about their services and offering for the viewers. But these posts could only be accessed and viewed by people who would especially go and search these business profiles by their name. 

The previous update was not as helpful for the buyer or the seller because there was a high chance that your offer was not reaching out to your potential customers. However, with the new personalized newsfeed based on your likings, it is convenient for the customer to find their things and dealers to attract more customers with their products and services.

The feature has been released worldwide for both Android and iOS users, and it can be easily used through the Google Maps application.

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