With the coronavirus pandemic's unfortunate arrival, the whole work from home concept has risen to a great height. As this concept becomes the new norm, businesses and educational institutes need a platform to keep going and progressing just like they were before the virus wreaked havoc in our lives. Various remote tools such as Google Meet have upgraded and evolved to provide its users with the best experience within a brief period to meet the demand.

Let’s talk about Google Meet! 

Google meet is a tool that is being used the most throughout the world for the same purpose; for providing a user-friendly interface and easy free access to video/audio calling. Moreover, with its latest innovations, it has improved and increased the productivity of many working environments with its latest additions.

Now let’s talk about ways we can utilize Google Meet to increase productivity

Video Call: 

To effectively and efficiently conduct meetings and classes, it is necessary to face other colleagues or students. This shows if everyone is participating, listening, and following with day to day tasks. For the following reason, Google meet has made its video conference call available and free to all. Anyone and everyone from around the world can join the call if they have the specific meeting code.

Customizable & blurred backgrounds: 

Working from home maybe be convenient, but we all know how difficult it can get a distraction-free environment, especially if you live in a household with kids. To assist the users and help them concentrate more on their meeting and less on their surroundings, Google meet came out with its latest feature with which you can blur out your entire background or use a customized picture or scene of your choice. This way, the other people in the meeting will only see what you want them to see instead of your unorganized or bustling surroundings.

Increased meeting size and layout improvements:

 Google meet tries its best to provide you with a platform to conduct meetings closest to in-person meetings. For this specific reason, it has launched a layout that displays the shared content and videos of 16 users on the same screen.

Jamboard integration: 

There are times when two users need to conduct a virtual presentation that requires the same information and material. To assist its users, Google Meet has been integrated with Jamboard. Jamboard is a tool that offers a whiteboard on which different users from different accounts can quickly draw, write, and edit the board. 


Even though Google meet offers all the necessary features to carry out a successful meeting, there are still some extra and fun features that Google Meet lacks when compared to other remote tools. But to provide you with everything under one platform, Google meet has add-on extensions that let you have an extraordinary meeting experience with tons of additional features once downloaded and activated. Few users’ favorites include Push to Talk, Meet Attendance, Grid View, and Call Timer.

Lack of productivity can negatively impact your startup or business. No business can flourish if its employees are not cooperative and efficient. Google Meet and its extraordinary features are one way to attract your employees towards participating and getting things done. Even when work from home has become a tedious task for almost everyone, Google meet makes preparing a presentation and conducting a meeting a little easier. Virtual meetings, flexible hours remote work all with tons of features to help you get through this challenging period. 

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