People widely believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only reserved for professionals in the field or programmers. Programmers are treated as people warlocks who can get your site top rank on search engines with their magical abilities. However, that is far from the truth. There are many technical elements when it comes to SEO that can get a very high ranking on Google, yet the importance of content should not be overlooked.

Content plays an integral part in SEO, almost as important or even more than other elements. The combination of good content and SEO is the driving force behind huge revenues. On the other hand, Google penalties can cause significant mishaps if your content is slacking.  

What is the Content?

When we think about content, our brain comes up with words and texts in the backdrop of blogs, articles, and books. Yet that’s the traditional definition of the word ‘content’, it is a small word, but it comprises an entire universe. Content isn’t just limited to text; it can include audio clips, videos, images, gifs, slides, tools, etc. In simple terms, content is the primary material that attracts people to come to your website.

Without quality content, there is no reason for people to visit your site. Content is the necessary foundation that supports all SEO efforts; if you wing the content, you can rest assured that it’s the right path towards higher ranking. Content is king, Its cliché, but it’s the truth. That is precisely why SEO and content are interconnected with each other and affect the other.

Not Just Content; but Quality Content.

Not all content is equal, and that is fine. Yet there is a difference between merely acceptable content and just randomly spewing out pure garbage just to create ‘more’ content. There needs to be a conversation about making quality your priority. Quality and well-researched content are what attracts the targeted audience, not just quickly arranged words.

Following are some of the cons of having good content in the context of SEO:  

1 – Quality Content and its Effect on Click-through Rate (CTR): 

It’s quite common knowledge that for your website’s ranking, an essential factor that is considered by Google is the Click-through Rate (CTR) of your site. The more clicks it gets, the higher it will rank. How do you attract the audience to click on your website? That’s right, quality, and engaging content.

2 – Incorporating Keywords in the Content:

Possibly the only way you can strategically use the keywords without coming off too healthy is to incorporate them into the content. This helps to put the words out there without unnecessary efforts and simultaneously compete with other brands from the industry.

3 – Unique Content for a Great User Experience:

Unique and engaging content relevant to the keywords in context will assure not just a great ranking on the search engine but also a great user experience. A great user experience will guarantee more CTR and a broader audience. Along with that, original and enticing content will set you apart from your competitors and increase traffic to your website.

Essentially, the marketers need to realize that content and SEO go hand in hand; SEO without the other is incomplete. We’ve seen that there are different types of content, but the best results of SEO come from high-quality content. So, if you need to improve your rankings, then getting started on making high-quality content should be your priority.

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