How important is SEO anyway? In the meantime, hordes of search engine optimizers are on the move and vying for customers and ranking positions with more or a few clever tricks. But how effective is it actually? And how important is that for success on Google and other search engines?

This week’s topic is: How important is SEO? Is Search Engine Optimization Overrated? Good topic and maybe this will lead to an interesting discussion on the blog? In this case I also have my own opinion and experience and certainly not everyone will be able or willing to share them. For me there are actually two topics that I will deal with separately here.

For me there are actually two topics that I will deal with separately here.

How Important Is SEO?

Basically you can say that SEO is important for all websites. Whether with commercial intentions or a purely private nature, it does not matter at first. Ultimately, they all have the same goals: To increase awareness, to get a lot of visitors to your site and, if possible, to do so regularly. The easier it is to be found on a topic, the faster you will achieve success. This often opens up further opportunities such as new contacts, expanding knowledge or even financial matters. These three things can be observed and followed very well in the blog sphere. It is sometimes interesting how some struggle with SEO and hardly make progress, but others hardly do anything for SEO and prefer to write good articles and still be found better in Google. Because every now and then SEO works without doing anything of your own or without a lot of knowledge. Only then will it take longer to achieve success. It works that way too.

Is Search Engine Optimization Overrated?

is seo overrated

I think many people overestimate their own SEO skills or just underestimate certain SEO implications. In my opinion, 80% of all self-proclaimed SEOs have no real clue and keep making the same mistakes as everyone else. Everyone else, that is a very large number, and they all optimize in the same way, using the same backlinks and tips that everyone knows. It is always oriented towards others and never taken initiative. When it comes to the same topics / keywords, only those who consciously move outside of the crowd get ahead. The great masses somehow always get in their own way. That can only work up to a certain level, but then it’s over and you can’t go any further.

Search engine optimization can also be very easy and doesn’t even have to involve a lot of effort. I haven’t done any SEO on this blog so far. Only fill in what is really necessary such as all meta tags manually and write articles (content). I’m also doing something that many SEOs constantly advise against because it supposedly has negative effects. I link a lot (and also like to) to other blogs or websites. I have a lot more outbound links than inbound. The outgoing links refer to the original sources and / or to further informative blogs or pages. Not only readers find this good, but also Google, which I can determine from my monthly log analysis. It also gave me some really good contacts and I also learned a lot.


I think that ultimately it always depends on what goal you are pursuing or whether you want to achieve it within a certain period of time. Anyone striving for financial interests will quickly have to realize that Search Engine Optimization is very important for this but also means a lot of work. If you are not under time pressure and are of secondary importance for the money, you can continue to create good content, make contacts, do the SEO basics and let the whole thing develop naturally. From my own experience I can say that the latter also works very well. However, you should not underestimate SEO and use it for yourself.

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