WordPress today is one of the most renowned and used web building platform in the market. It is a free and open-source content management system with multiple inbuilt features to cater to a developer's requirements. With free hosting, personal domain, and always available customer support, anyone can build their website in ease within no time.

If you’re a WordPress developer, you must be familiar with finding yourself stuck in “the loop.” A lot of back and forth switching has to be made between HTML and PHP to render the outcome with the right content to access the data. However, with the introduction of TimberWP, the readability has increased substantially, and the untidy look of the template looks pretty well sorted.

What is TimberWP?

TimberWP encourages and helps its user to make modified WordPress themes quicker with more viable and reusable codes. The plugin that combines both WordPress with Twig is known as TimberWP.

Alongside the advantages of utilizing Twig, it lets you separate the PHP from your HTML layouts. This method gives you more room as a developer to maneuver to attain your desired theme. It tidies up your theme so your PHP extension can zero in on providing the correct logic and process with the supporting data. At the same time, your twig document can take 100% care of the layout and HTML.

Why is TimperWP Relevant?

TimberWP is for both WordPress professionals and amateurs. Individuals new to WordPress will like how it decreases the WordPress-explicit information needed to design a site. On the other hand, experts can take full advantage of object-oriented patterns that adhere to DRY and MVC standards.

How can TimberWP Elevate your website? 

Mentioned below in the article are the perks of having TimberWP and how it elevates your site exponentially to provide the user with a luxurious experience:

1- Logic and Presentation in TimberWP: 

Taking on a problem looks overwhelming at first but breaking it down into small chunks makes the situation more approachable and relatively more manageable. TimberWP pretty much does the same thing for its users. It divides Logic and Presentation into two separate entities. TimberWP carries out our regular logic-based tasks such as processing data, functions, and queries. After completion, it transfers it to the presentation section of the page in a small .twig file.

2- Improvised Security:

TimberWP enables better security features with reduced accessibility for the attackers to host their malicious movements. This process has all become possible after Timber broke down front-end and back-end into two separate commodities. 

3- Better reusability:

TimberWP tremendously works with other development libraries and offers flexibility, making it reusability one of its top-selling assets. The embedded sustainable code activated in the plugin directory gives enough access for TimberWP to utilize Twig and various other Timber features. In a nutshell, such an approach makes the theme development much faster, easier to maintain, and finally easier and relevant to extend.

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