Among many programming languages currently being utilized on the web, Javascript has gained enough recognition over time. Today Javascript is widely used to feature interactivity in websites, design mobile applications, develop online games, and back-end web development.

A good thing about this scripting language is that it can update, modify, and change HTML and CSS and add life to the web. Moreover, since Javascript is an integral part of web development, many web browsers are designed with engines that can easily integrate this language.

TopTal is a globally recognized network of various freelancers working remotely and specializing in different fields such as software development, designing, finance expertise, and product and project management. This hub’s primary motive is to provide renowned international organizations with a platform that sets talent recruitment options for them.

TopTal JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge is a popular coding competition that programmers worldwide take part in. This competition involves different challenges that are required to be solved at the earliest by the participants. Each programmer gets points depending upon the difficulty of the task, the speed at which the task is carried out, and the remaining time on the clock.

Each year, approximately 2000 programmers from around 137 countries of the world face this competition. Out of this 2000, India brought forward around 251 coders while 128 that competed were from Pakistan, making itself rank as the second-highest number of participants alongside India.

88 from Nigeria, 82 from Bangladesh, 74 from Malaysia, and 67 from the United States also gathered to participate in this Global JavaScript Speeding Coding Challenge.

Pakistan was the only country that did remarkably well throughout the competition and was recognized globally. Participating with five teams, Pakistan took over this coding challenge this year with their astonishing JavaScript coding speed. With their heads held up high, they brought home the top 50 finishes award compared to any of their competitors’ home and were honored globally for this fielding.

MALLU, a Pakistani developer, was another competitor in the competition ranked at the fourth position, while being the highest-ranked among the Pakistanis for speed coding. He scored a total of 3949 points throughout the challenge. No doubt that this achievement was a moment of pride for Pakistan and its citizens and a way to show the potential of Pakistani individuals.

Many locals came together on social media platforms to greet and congratulate the developers on their greatest win.The second place was a tie between Bangladesh, Brazil, and Serbia, with their three participants from the Top 50 Finishers country. The rank was further led by Croatia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Turkey scoring two positions in the Top 50 Finishers.

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