Rumors regarding a pending deal between Salesforce and Slack surfaced in the market some time ago but it was only recently announced that Salesforce, the cloud-based software company, is making a move to purchase Slack for $27 Billion and has already signed the definitive agreement.

The software development company has been dealt and purchased with stock and cash. By marking this deal Salesforce is making as one of the most significant acquisitions in its history. Before this acquisition, Salesforce’s highest purchase was $15.3 Billion when they acquired Tableau. 

Marc Benioff, the executive of Salesforce, refers to this possession as a match made in heaven. He believes that the two tech companies will take over the future of enterprise software and change the home world’s entire digital work.

With the ongoing Covid’19 pandemic, the concept of work from home is boosting, which has resulted in the use of apps and workspaces that make it easier for business and educational institutes to work remotely.

According to tech analyst Dan Ives, there couldn’t have been a better time to take over Slack. This is because today, Slack is one of the apps providing a comfortable remote working facility. Started as sales reps, over the years, Salesforce has made itself rank in a few of the most renowned and valuable software companies throughout the world. 

It is already in the lead of many famous software firms such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, Cisco, and Intel. According to Benioff, his motive is to expand the software company far and wide to head with prestigious tech companies like Microsoft. Slack and Salesforce have been Microsoft’s most formidable competitors for a while now, and their integration has made them even more robust and better. The recent $27 billion purchase of a business chat service has taken another step strengthening its position in the enterprises.

This deal is a good win for Salesforce because Microsoft attempted to procure Slack a few years back, but that deal never made it through. To advance Slack and Salesforce, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Team offering by adapting the basic concepts and offerings of Salesforce and Slack. 

Ever since the release of these features, Microsoft and the other two software companies have been in an ongoing rivalry. However, now Microsoft and Salesforce are just two competitors trying to outrun each other while also providing their users everything under a single platform. 

It was reported that Salesforce is planning on merging Slack with its well-acclaimed customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The idea is to introduce an extraordinarily developed operating system mainly for workforces. This system would be referred to as ‘Salesforce Customer 360’.

As per the announcement made at the conference, the integration of Slack and Salesforce is in line to introduce the most open and extensive ecosystem comprised of different apps and workflows to assist companies, startups, and its clients from all over; they will be providing developers with a platform to develop and release the most well-designed apps with just a few clicks and no extensive programming knowledge.

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