This might come to you as demotivating but starting a blog is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you are great at content creation, many other factors promote to your blog to be successful. One of which is choosing an appropriate name for your blog. This is the first thing that a reader will be looking at. So, make sure that your blog name is good enough to attract your viewers and get them to visit your blog page.

Remember that picking a blog name is essential, but it is also time-consuming. You might have come up with a title after days of research, and just when you start working on it, you find that some site already has the same domain name. You have to redo the entire process of brainstorming and coming up with new names. In short, you must be patient with the procedure and give your blog all that you’ve got. 

To help you pick a name for your new blog, we have 5 tips that can make the process a little easier.

1. Incorporate your blog’s niche in the name

First, you must be clear about the tone of your blog and what your blog will be featuring and talking about. Now that you are through with that know who your target audience is and their preferences. Even when starting a blog is all about sharing your passion with the world, it is crucial to keep your readers happy and satisfied, so you get yourself a loyal audience. Now that you are done with those steps, focus on coming up with a name that incorporates your blog’s niche in its name. Something that would give away what the idea behind your blog is at one glance.

2. Check your competitors’ Blog names

Always learn from your competitors’ mistakes and achievements. Focus on what worked out for them and what didn’t. If the idea and thoughts behind you and that blog are similar, then you can even get inspired from their content and post them with your experience and take on them. As for the name, perceive their names see how the audience react to them, how lengthy they are and what are they based on.

3. Use a Blog Name Generator

Another easy way to figure out this issue is by utilizing a blog name generator. There are many free blog name generators on the web to make one for yours for the user’s ease. Using these tools is super straightforward and easy, too; they ask you to provide them with some keywords that would go well with your blog. Once you have added those, these tools show you a list of available options on the web you could choose from. One of the handiest and used name generators is Wordoid.

4. Use a Thesaurus

Thesaurus has it all. When searching for the right blogging name, you come across many ideas and words. They might be right but just not the one. Going through thesaurus pages can be more comfortable than any other method of choosing a name. Thesaurus provides you with various words and phrases that might sit right with the inspiration of your blog.

5. Consider using a different language for your blog

Our last tip is that while deciding a blog name would be to use word or phrase you like in another language and see how you like it. Using different language name for your blog can be attractive to readers and can make you stand out in the market. Google Translate is a useful tool that can help you figure this out. When incorporating terms of different languages, a word of advice, try to keep it short and simple so that people can remember it.

A problem after you have picked out your blog name is the availability of a domain name. However, you can use a custom and rare domain that can shape up your blog by paying for it. With this, we reach the end of the guide; hopefully, the following tips will help you end up with a blog name that would leave a remarkable first impression on your readers.

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