Are you developing a business-oriented WordPress website? So what expressive ideas you have to win customer’s hearts?

The foremost step in this process is choosing the best WordPress theme. As it is known that there are thousands of WordPress themes and it is a very tough and time-consuming task to choose the one. Choosing the right theme is important as it is related to the other business and website areas as well. It will either make your website clumsy or appealing. It can either decline or accelerate your SEO score.

How did you assure yourself that the chosen theme is appropriate for your business website? Does it contain the features you want? Is it flexible enough? Is the selected theme is free from bugs or security issues?

To answer all these questions, here in this article we came up with the top picks that would help you out in choosing a perfect business oriented WordPress theme.

This guide will discover the points that you need to know to choose the right theme for your business. But it is important to stay focused. Each web developer has its principles and choices while choosing the WordPress theme. It’s all dependent on the web designer’s interest that how they will play for customizing the themes well and on the developer’s code with several features. So let’s get started with the top picks!

Pen down the Goals & Monetization strategies

To have a better idea of how you want your theme to look like, make a list of the essential features you want to add in. It is preferable to choose the theme that can fulfill the business goals instead of fitting the business strategies in the theme. Go for fewer experiments while choosing the WordPress theme especially for business purposes because less is always more.

WordPress has a feature filter with which it becomes easy to customize the search in case of free themes. Brainstorm your business aims and objectives before making any theme selection. So, choosing the theme that could cover features, goals and monetization strategies will only sustain rather than the one that contains extra things that will your website to look like a jumble.

Set yourself isolated

To make your name in this complex web world, it would be beneficial if you will set yourself apart from your rivals. It is obvious that the WordPress themes are accessed by several websites as per their priorities. Do not go for the same theme as used by some other company, otherwise, your reputation is going to get affected negatively.

Choosing a unique and business-oriented theme will help you to grow your name and reputation. It will make a huge difference and assure you that your company is self-sufficient.

Review Theme’s Popularity

It is obvious that the best theme came across several downloads and it’s fine. It does not mean that your website will look the same way as the other one. WordPress themes are highly customizable.

Usually, the businessperson selects the themes that are lesser known by comprehending that they will stand alone, notably when the themes have less number of downloads. It is very risky to go with the one that has not been tested enough.

Go for a responsive Theme

If you want your website to be easily accessible then go for responsive themes. A responsive theme, you can access the website on a mobile, laptop or some other handheld devices. It becomes compatible to use menus and widgets for easy navigation. You should adopt the features that can be easily translated into non-desktop devices.

There could be a possibility that you have chosen the theme you like but is non-responsive. WordPress has several ways by which you can make your website more responsive.

Choose wisely between free or premium theme

WordPress has plenty of Free and Premium themes. It depends on your budget to adopt either the free theme or the premium theme. But it is recommended to go for Premium themes. With less authenticity, free themes cannot fulfill the desire to have a potential website. The free themes cannot get regular updations and has a lack of support as well. These reasons are enough to choose the premium theme.

The premium theme has more features, like portfolio sections, pricing tables, image galleries and other characteristics that are beneficial for your business. Best customer support from the premium provider helps you to gain more customers. The developers always try to fix the errors by keeping the security aspect in mind.

Check the theme thoroughly

Do check the theme before installing on your web host. You can check the theme effectiveness on the Theme Check plugin that will check the theme with all current WordPress standards. When you have confirmed all the tweaks and have uploaded all the content on the website, don’t forget to review it before releasing it to the world.

Review the content again, check your website on mobile, and check if the images have been loaded properly. Investing in hosting solution is also a good option to go with. It gives the staging environment with a child theme plug-in.

Customization Requirements

Being a non-technical person, there are fewer chances that you will be able to customize the themes. It can only be done by the professional developer only. Theme customization by a professional theme customization developer will not cost you more though. The developers would be provided by Custom WordPress theme Development services.

You can also go with Freelancing websites to hire a theme developer with theme customization services from $10 to $60 per hour.


Choosing an appropriate theme from a jungle of themes for a business website is not an elementary task. While choosing a theme, keep one thing in mind that your website’s job is not to compete with rivals by analyzing the number of widgets and features but it aims is to convert visitors into customers. With this article, we have made an effort to help you out in selecting a top theme. If your website is cost-effective and is efficient in producing leads for your business then it’s a success!

Kindly share your experience with us by commenting below. If there would be extra points to add then do let us know!

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